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Category Archives: Property Division


Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets? What Should You Do?

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Most couples have accumulated marital property unless they were married for a very short time. Under Pennsylvania law, most property you acquired after marriage will be considered marital. It doesn’t matter if your husband put the house you bought in his name only. The home is marital because you acquired it while married. Exceptions… Read More »

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Who Gets the Pets when We Divorce?

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

For many couples, their pets are as important as their children. When contemplating divorce, many of our clients express fear that they will lose the family dog or cat and wonder if they should come up with a custody schedule. This might be surprising, but Pennsylvania law considers your pets to be no different… Read More »

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Loan Repayment After a Divorce

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Getting a divorce can be an emotionally and logistically challenging experience. You and your partner must make decisions about how your assets and debts are divided. If you or your partner took out any loans or accrued any debt during your marriage, you will need to discuss who is responsible for paying off that… Read More »

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How Divorce Impacts Pending Settlements

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

If you have a pending workers’ compensation or personal injury settlement in Pennsylvania while you are going through a divorce, you may be wondering what portion of your settlement award you are entitled to. An experienced Pennsylvania family law attorney can help you determine what you are entitled to based on the time your… Read More »

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Are Lottery Winnings And Personal Injury Settlements Marital Property In Pennsylvania?

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

What constitutes marital property is defined by law in Pennsylvania and a judge in a divorce case equitably divides the property between the divorcing spouses. While most types of property are easily to put into the category of marital property, there are others that are not so easily recognized as such. Settlements for personal… Read More »

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What Happens to Fertilized Frozen Eggs in Pennsylvania When a Couple Divorces?

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Couples who use in vitro fertilization in order to have children often go through a lot of pain in order to get their chance to have children. Sometimes, a couple ends up freezing the fertilized eggs for future use, and then gets divorced before using the eggs. What happens to the eggs after the… Read More »

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Buying a House Before the Divorce Is Final

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

There are times when a couple that is planning to get divorced spends a period of time legally separated before the actual divorce decree is entered. The spouses often live separately and try to move their lives forward and take certain actions to prepare for their post-divorce lives. One such action is buying a… Read More »

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