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Monthly Archives: February 2023


Does Pennsylvania Law Allow Legal Separations?

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Married couples experience good times and bad during the years they are together. It is not always easy to determine when arguments and disagreements are just a temporary storm that will pass, or if they are indicative of a bigger issue. This is just one reason couples sometimes want to legally separate in Pennsylvania…. Read More »

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Protecting Your Assets During A High Net Worth Divorce

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Divorce is an emotional process for many reasons. It is never easy to end a marriage, and many people worry that they will lose the assets most valuable to them during the process. Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, which means that all marital property is divided fairly during divorce, and that does not… Read More »

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Six Quick Tips For Child Custody Hearings

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Of all the many terms that must be resolved during divorce, child custody is one of the most common, and most contentious. Child custody issues are extremely emotional, and they are painful for everyone involved. If you are about to enter into child custody proceedings, you are likely worried that you ultimately will not… Read More »

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Common Questions About Divorce Disputes

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Not all divorce cases in Media are contested. Couples can obtain an uncontested divorce by agreeing on all the terms of the case, including property division, alimony, child custody, and more. Uncontested divorces are quicker and easier to obtain, but they are not always possible. If you are getting a contested divorce that involves… Read More »

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