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Getting Divorced? Here Are Some Steps To Take Beforehand


Maybe you have done everything you could to stop a divorce but now, the marriage is ending. You may not even want to think about it. Or, perhaps you have spent years in an unhappy marriage and so, part of you feels a sense of relief that it will be over soon. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your divorce, you should take some important steps to make sure you are fully prepared. Without proper preparation beforehand, you may not obtain the fair settlement you are entitled to.

Collect Important Financial Information

Collecting copies of your important financial information is always one of the first steps you should take when preparing for divorce. Gather the paycheck stubs for you and your spouse, insurance information, retirement account paperwork, and information for all bank accounts in your name, or in the name of you and your spouse. Collecting this information can help you better understand your finances as you head into divorce proceedings, and it may even help keep legal fees lower, as your attorney will not have to collect them for you.

Open Your Own Financial Accounts

You will likely lose some assets during property division hearings, particularly if your marriage was a long one. You do not want to lose more than you have to. By opening your own savings and checking bank accounts, you will have a place to keep your money safe. You will not have to worry about your spouse using your funds to pay their attorney’s fees or for their new housing.

Open a P.O. Box

You may receive a lot of important information by mail during your divorce. Your attorney may send you important documents to sign, or your financial institution may send you information about your new accounts. If you are still living in the marital home with your spouse, you should open a separate post office box where you can receive this information. This will ensure that mail that is sent for you is only seen by you.

Save as Much Money as You Can

Divorce can be expensive. You will have to pay attorney fees, mediation expenses, and various court costs. Also, once your divorce is final and you start moving forward with your new life, you will incur additional costs, as well. If you can save as much money as possible before your divorce is finalized, you will find it easier to pay for these costs.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer in Media

You may be focused on the emotional aspects of your case, but it is important to remember that divorce is a legal process, as well. At Barbara Flum Stein & Associates, our Media divorce lawyer can help you navigate the process to ensure that your rights are upheld so you obtain the full settlement you deserve. If you are about to get a divorce, call us first at 610-565-6100 or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how we can assist with your case.




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