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Five Issues To Consider Post-Divorce


The divorce process is sometimes a long one and many people are eager to start a new chapter in their life afterwards. On the other hand, some people are hesitant to move forward, not knowing what their life will look like after divorce. Whatever emotions you are feeling at this time, it is important that you do not overlook important issues that must still be addressed. Below, our Media family lawyer explains the most important matters to address once your divorce is finalized.

The Name Change

Many people take their spouse’s last name when they get married. After divorce, you need to decide whether you want to keep your name, or change it back. No one is required to change their name in Pennsylvania and many people choose not to, whether it is to avoid the hassle or because they want to have the same name as their children. If you do decide to change your name back, remember that you will need a new driver’s license, Social Security card, and passport.

Estate Plan Changes

In Pennsylvania, any provisions contained within your will or estate plan that include your former spouse as a beneficiary are automatically revoked. This means that once your divorce is final, it is as though those provisions simply do not exist. However, you should still make the necessary changes to your estate plan. You may want to include other beneficiaries you did not before, and there may be other details you want to change, as well.

Filing Taxes

You will likely have to file your taxes differently once you are divorced than you did when you were married. A divorce will affect your filing status, as well as your dependents and income, so you may want to speak with a tax professional that can help ensure you file correctly.

Child Custody Orders

When a divorce involves children, both parents must comply with the child custody order. If an issue arises, the parents should try to work together to resolve it, even though they are no longer married. In the event that there is a significant change in circumstances and you need to change the order, you must petition the court for a modification.

Child Support Orders

Like child custody orders, child support orders are final and legally binding. If you are responsible for making payments, make sure they are always on time and paid in full. Otherwise, you may be charged with contempt, and you could even possibly face jail time. Again, if there is a significant change of circumstances that make paying support difficult, you must petition the court for a modification before making any changes.

Our Family Lawyer in Media Can Help with Your Post-Divorce Issues

After a divorce is final, you may still face many legal issues and our Media family lawyer can help with all of them. At Barbara Flum Stein & Associates, our skilled attorney can help you comply with court orders, and modify them when necessary, making the road ahead much smoother. Call us today at 610-565-6100 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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