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Factors To Consider Before Moving Out Of The Family Home


It is a common scene in movies and television shows. During a heated argument, one person says they want a divorce and the other spouse immediately packs a bag and moves out of the family home. While this is a common scene in the media, it happens in real life, too. The topic of divorce is a sensitive and emotional one. One spouse may want to escape and take some time for themselves to think things over.

Unfortunately, moving out of the family home during divorce is a mistake, and it can ultimately hurt your case. Below, our Delaware County divorce lawyer explains why you should think twice before leaving the family home.

Do Not Lead with Emotions 

Packing a bag and leaving the family home is usually a decision based on emotions. If you or your spouse has decided to end your marriage, the family home may have become a battleground over the last several weeks, or even months. It is natural to want to leave the tense situation, but it is important that you remain calm and think before you act. Consider sleeping in a spare room or preparing a space in the home that is separate from your spouse. Do not leave the family home, though, until you have spoken to an attorney and obtained legal advice.

Consider the Cost of Leaving 

Another reason people leave the family home even before their divorce case has begun is because they believe that in the end, it will help them save money. After all, if you are no longer living in the home, you should not be responsible for the expenses associated with it. While this is a natural assumption, this is not how divorce works.

You will still be responsible for the costs of home ownership, even if you left the property. You will likely still have to pay a portion of the mortgage, insurance, property taxes, and other expenses. If you refuse to help pay for these costs before your divorce is finalized, a judge may use this fact against you during property division hearings.

Additionally, you will also have to pay the costs associated with your new home. Not only will this add to your expenses, but it may also show that you can afford spousal support if your spouse decides to pursue it.

Leaving Could Hurt You in Child Custody Hearings 

If you and your spouse have children together, leaving the family home could hurt you during custody hearings. Leaving shows that you are making your spouse responsible for the children, and that you believe they are capable of taking care of them. This could result in the court deciding in your spouse’s favor during custody hearings.

Our Divorce Lawyer in Delaware County Can Provide Sound Legal Advice 

At Barbara Flum Stein & Associates, our Delaware County divorce lawyer can provide the sound legal advice you need about all issues related to your case so you obtain the best outcome possible. Call us today at 610-565-6100 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to get the legal help you need.




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