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Monthly Archives: December 2023


Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

If you are thinking of divorce or have already started proceedings and children are involved, it is natural to worry about custody disputes. You are likely concerned about how much time you will spend with your children, and how it will impact your relationship with them. You probably also have many questions about how… Read More »

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Contested Vs. Uncontested Divorce: What Is The Difference?

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Couples who want to end their marriage in Pennsylvania can do so by getting an uncontested or a contested divorce. Many people confuse these terms with no-fault and fault-based divorces, respectively, but these terms are vastly different from each other. Fault-based divorces are almost always contested, although they can also be uncontested. However, while… Read More »

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How To Divide Marital Debt During Divorce

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Many married people know that during divorce, the marital assets are divided between the two spouses. Dividing property during divorce is always challenging, but dividing the marital debt can be even more difficult. Divorce is already expensive enough, and no one wants to incur more debt during the proceedings. This is particularly true when… Read More »

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Child Vaccinations: Which Parent Decides?

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Life after divorce is never easy, particularly when there are children involved and the two parties need to co-parent together. Co-parents have to make many decisions regarding their child and one of these is if the child should receive vaccinations. Vaccinations were a hot topic of discussion during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the world… Read More »

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