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How A Delaware County Divorce Lawyer Can Help With Your Case


Making the difficult decision to get a divorce will be one of the hardest things you will ever do. You may have to uproot your life, and you are likely worried about how much time it will take, and about how much it will cost you. There is no question that sometimes, divorce is quite expensive.

To cut down on that expense, you may consider doing it alone without the help of a Delaware County divorce lawyer. However, this is a big mistake. There are many ways a lawyer can help with your case and handle different tasks to make sure your rights are protected. Below are just a few ways in which an attorney can help with your case.

Explain the Divorce Laws 

There are many laws that govern the divorce process and people going through it do not always know what those are. If you do not have legal representation, neither the judge nor the lawyer representing your spouse will offer legal advice. This may result in a forfeiture of your rights. A lawyer can advise on all of the divorce laws in Pennsylvania, including those regarding child custody, child support, property division, and alimony.

Distinguish Between Separate and Marital Property 

Generally speaking, marital property refers to any property that was acquired during the marriage by either spouse. Separate property refers to any property one party brought into the marriage with them. Only marital property is divided during divorce but determining what is marital property and what is separate is not always straightforward. For example, if you received an inheritance during the marriage, that is considered separate property. If you commingled the inheritance with marital funds, though, it is classified as marital property. A lawyer can help you make these distinctions so you obtain the settlement you deserve.

Help with Child-Related Issues 

Issues involving children are some of the most complex and combative during the divorce process. A lawyer can help you and your spouse devise a parenting plan you both agree on and that will be accepted by the court. A lawyer can also explain the child support formula so you obtain the full amount of child support you need, or argue why your payments should be reduced.

Offer Objective Advice 

When going through divorce, it is easy to let your emotions take over. A lawyer will provide objective advice so you can keep a clear and calm head and make informed decisions. Objectivity is critical in a divorce case and without it, you may rush to make decisions, which could hurt you for many years to come.

Call Our Divorce Lawyer in Delaware County Now 

At Barbara Flum Stein & Associates, our Delaware County divorce lawyer will handle all aspects of your case and provide sound advice so you obtain the best settlement possible. Call us now at 610-565-6100 or chat with us online to request a consultation with our experienced attorney and to get the legal help you need.




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