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Monthly Archives: December 2021


Divorced Parents & A Child’s Extracurricular Activities: Who Pays?

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Long gone are the days where children could entertain themselves for hours out in the street with a $2 ball. Today, many children are deeply involved with after-school activities, including sports, music, theater, and dance. Some of these activities can be incredibly expensive. Not only do children need to buy uniforms and practice equipment,… Read More »

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Parental Disputes Over Vaccinations

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

The ongoing COVID pandemic has brought disputes around childhood vaccination to the fore once again. Many separated parents will be on the same page when it comes to vaccinating their children, but what happens if they aren’t? Under Pennsylvania law, legal custody includes the ability to make medical decisions for a child. If one… Read More »

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Getting A Protection From Abuse Order When You Have Children

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Protection orders are a lifeline for those suffering from domestic violence. These orders can instruct your violent spouse to stay away from you and your family and turn over any firearms they possess or own. But what happens if you have children together? Many people stay in abusive marriages solely for the children, typically… Read More »

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Seven Dos And Do Not’s Of Divorce Litigation

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

The vast majority of divorces in Delaware County settle outside of the courtroom, but some do have to go through litigation. During litigation, a family law judge will listen to both parties and make decisions on all terms of the divorce, such as division of property. There is a lot on the line when… Read More »

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