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Monthly Archives: February 2019


Unique Issues that Arise in High Net-Worth Divorces

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Untangling the connections of marriage, as a couple goes through divorce, takes a significant amount of time and effort. Couples should do their best to resolve the issues of divorce privately through mutual agreement to maintain the maximum amount of control over the outcome and to limit how much information becomes part of the… Read More »

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What Is the Impact of Spousal Violence on Divorce?

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Making the decision to get divorced is scary for many spouses. Figuring out how to care for children, pay the bills, and run a household without the help of another adult is understandably overwhelming for many. When violence is added into these complexities, the implications of divorce are even greater. Leaving a violent marriage… Read More »

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Is It Possible to Keep a Divorce Private?

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Going through divorce is difficult enough without having to take into consideration the exposure a standard divorce case brings to the private details of a couple‚Äôs marriage. Private information related to property, finances, and child custody must be disclosed to the court, and this information becomes public once filed, meaning anyone could access it…. Read More »

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Can You Modify a Divorce Settlement?

By Barbara Flum Stein & Associates |

Couples who are able to form divorce settlements put a lot of time and effort into achieving this compromise. Rarely is a settlement easy to negotiate, and each spouse typically has to give up something of value to the other in order to find a point of agreement. Like all agreements, the terms included… Read More »

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