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Social Media Can Be a Divorce Minefield

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Social Media Can Be a Divorce Minefield

One of the most important pieces of advice that any lawyer can give to a client facing or planning a divorce is to be extremely careful regarding online activity. Remember — if a prospective employer can look at your Facebook page or dating profile, so can your soon-to-be former spouse — and your spouse’s lawyer…. Read More »

What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

A guardian ad litem  is someone who is charged with helping judges reach decisions regarding the best interests of the children in a divorce case. Circumstances that might call for the appointment of a guardian ad litem include allegations of abuse, abandonment or neglect by one or both parents.  Responsibilities of a guardian ad litem… Read More »

Is Uncontested Divorce the Right Solution?

Pennsylvania law allows certain parties to fast-track their divorce proceedings. For example, parties can divorce by mutual consent, which takes approximately three months to finalize. In addition, if the parties have been separated for two or more years and agree on all of their issues, they may be able to receive a separation divorce, which… Read More »

What to Do When Facing Resistance to Foreign Travel

Parental kidnapping is defined as abducting or concealing a child without the other parent’s consent. Parents who kidnap children violate both state and federal laws. However, run-of-the-mill international travel with children is not considered to be kidnapping, and a parent who meets resistance from his or her former spouse when trying to travel abroad with… Read More »

What is a Parenting Plan?

In Pennsylvania, a judge can require parties in a contested custody proceeding to submit a parenting plan. The purpose of a parenting plan is to assist family courts with resolving matters related to custody disputes and child welfare.  Elements of a valid parenting plan A valid parenting plan must include:  Details regarding visitation, including visiting… Read More »

Business Valuation and Divorce

Owning a business can create complications when divorcing. A business that is started during the marriage is considered to be marital property, even if only one spouse worked in the business, and in Pennsylvania marital property must be divided equitably. To do this, you first need to know how much the business is worth.  Determining… Read More »

Protecting Your Financial Well-Being in a Divorce

Parties mired in a divorce are often unaware of the full extent of marital and separate assets held by their partner. This lack of clarity creates complications when trying to divide property equitably in a divorce. Absent proper legal and financial guidance, parties can make costly mistakes and can agree to less than optimal post-divorce… Read More »

Managing Visitation With Unaccompanied Minors

Shelby Jordan’s parents arranged for her to fly from Dallas as an unaccompanied minor, first, on a Virgin American flight to Los Angeles and then on a Hawaiian Airlines connecting flight to Honolulu. When Shelby arrived at the Hawaiian counter in Los Angeles, with an escort from Virgin America, they were informed that she could… Read More »

Taking Back Your Name – Not So Fast!

Veronica considered herself incredibly fortunate to have attracted the attention of a loving and wealthy man from a large, close-knit family. After several years of marriage, Veronica was horrified to see her loving husband’s name in the newspapers as the prime suspect in a series of violent rapes that had plagued their region. Upon his… Read More »

Defusing the Marital Issues – How a Post-Nuptial Agreement Can Help

Mike and Sally got married after a year of courtship and planning for their special day. Both were professionals, and while Mike had been married before, this was Sally’s first marriage. Mike had children from his first marriage whom he saw on visitation weekends. Sally owned her own home prior to the marriage, in which… Read More »

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